Tips to Experience Successful Project Management

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Project Management

Miro Medvedec earned his MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2003. A former manager responsible for a customer base in Ohio, Miro Medvedec handled sales, applications, and project management support.

Successful project management can be made easier by following several important tips. Refraining from micromanaging is one of the most important of these tips. While it’s critical to meet with team members on a regular basis, it’s also beneficial to allow them some breathing room so they can work without feeling like every action they take is being scrutinized. According to a study conducted by Yona Kifer and published in Psychological Science, it was found that employees who had a position of power over their decision-making were 26 percent more satisfied with their roles over those who were lacking this power.

In addition to team member empowerment, healthy risk management is extremely important for successful project management. This typically entails having a risk officer that will be in charge of detecting potential project issues. Maintaining a live-risk database for projects to essentially track all issues and their resolutions is also key to healthy risk management.


Two Tips for Promoting a New Product

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Promoting a New Product

A professional with equipment sales, technical training, and managing experience, Miro Medvedec managed the Ohio customer base at DME Company. Miro Medvedec also successfully promoted new products for the company.

When promoting new products for a company, the process needs to be thought out logically. Specific techniques can allow for a more efficient experience. Email marketing is among the top ways to gain customers for your company’s new product. Automated email campaigns make the process easier, as they are designed to assist a company bring in more sales and new customers.

Starting an affiliate program can allow a company to market their new product. By adding an affiliate program to your store, other people can promote your new product so there is a large range of customers. When creating an affiliate program, each person who is promoting your new product will need their own custom URL. Each person can share their URL and it will, in return, drive sales for you.

Tips for Creating Project Milestones

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Project Milestones

An engineering professional, Miro Medvedec possesses expertise in technical training and equipment sales. In his most recent role at DME Company, Miro Medvedec provided project management support that directly impacted sales goals.

Among the most important aspects of project management is establishing milestones. Milestones pinpoint goals that a team would like to achieve by designated deadlines and helps team members measure successes and failures throughout the lifecycle of a project.

These defining moments should take into consideration the following phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closure. Tasks should be grouped in the appropriate phases so they can be monitored during and after. This guarantees that any mishaps that could prolong project completion are corrected in a timely manner, thus reducing risk. Project information should be compiled on a master schedule that includes start dates and duration as well as succeeding and preceding activities. Use it as a baseline for managing the workload and keeping involved parties aware of and accountable for meeting set milestones.