Tips to Experience Successful Project Management

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Project Management

Miro Medvedec earned his MBA at Indiana Wesleyan University in 2003. A former manager responsible for a customer base in Ohio, Miro Medvedec handled sales, applications, and project management support.

Successful project management can be made easier by following several important tips. Refraining from micromanaging is one of the most important of these tips. While it’s critical to meet with team members on a regular basis, it’s also beneficial to allow them some breathing room so they can work without feeling like every action they take is being scrutinized. According to a study conducted by Yona Kifer and published in Psychological Science, it was found that employees who had a position of power over their decision-making were 26 percent more satisfied with their roles over those who were lacking this power.

In addition to team member empowerment, healthy risk management is extremely important for successful project management. This typically entails having a risk officer that will be in charge of detecting potential project issues. Maintaining a live-risk database for projects to essentially track all issues and their resolutions is also key to healthy risk management.