Qualities of a Successful Project Manager

Project Manager pic
Project Manager
Image: pmi.org

After earning an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University, Miro Medvedec went on to work for DME Company in Michigan, providing sales and project management support to new and existing customers in the Ohio area. In that position, Miro Medvedec developed an appreciation for the qualities of a good project manager.

Excellent project management consists of regularly meeting and surpassing stakeholders’ goals. To do this, a project manager must be able to spot and rectify current and future problems.

Outstanding organizational skills allow project managers to stay focused on the overall situation so they can prioritize the assignments of their subordinates. The large number of discrete tasks makes this a critical attribute. Project management is also a leadership position. Its practitioners must know how to motivate individuals who are not under their direct supervision and inspire confidence when things go wrong.

Additionally, good communication skills are vital. Project managers must effectively present information that can be acted on immediately and understand the needs of each work group. Although it is easy to fall into the trap of over-analyzing key data, effective project managers maintain a pragmatic point of view, and they keep their eyes on what needs to be done right away.

Finally, quality project management depends on empathy. Project managers should understand the viewpoint each contributor brings to the task at hand.