Two Tips for Promoting a New Product

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Promoting a New Product

A professional with equipment sales, technical training, and managing experience, Miro Medvedec managed the Ohio customer base at DME Company. Miro Medvedec also successfully promoted new products for the company.

When promoting new products for a company, the process needs to be thought out logically. Specific techniques can allow for a more efficient experience. Email marketing is among the top ways to gain customers for your company’s new product. Automated email campaigns make the process easier, as they are designed to assist a company bring in more sales and new customers.

Starting an affiliate program can allow a company to market their new product. By adding an affiliate program to your store, other people can promote your new product so there is a large range of customers. When creating an affiliate program, each person who is promoting your new product will need their own custom URL. Each person can share their URL and it will, in return, drive sales for you.


What is a Feasibility Analysis?

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Feasibility Analysis

Miro Medvedec is an experienced business professional who has worked for DME Company in Madison Heights, Michigan. While there, Miro Medvedec’s responsibilities included promoting new products, and using the method of feasibility analysis as a basis.

A feasibility analysis or study is done to create an overview of all primary issues in relation to a certain business idea. This method helps to determine any concerns the idea may cause if implemented, with the goal of ensuring an idea’s success in the marketplace, or eliminating the idea potential failure is indicated. Feasibility studies focus on three major areas: market issues, organizational or technical issues, and financial issues. The study takes a brief look at these issues without going as in-depth as a full business plan would.

A feasibility study also helps businesses identify and evaluate alternatives to the proposed idea. Although feasibility analyses are relatively simple, they still require a good amount of research, and are usually reserved for proposals that may put large sums of money at stake.

Indiana Wesleyan University Offers Online MBA

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Indiana Wesleyan University

Miro Medvedec is a professional with experience in project management, technical training, and sales. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Miro Medvedec achieved his BS in mechanical engineering from La Salle University in Mexico City and an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) in Marion, Indiana.

IWU is an evangelical Christian university founded in 1920, and is the largest private college in Indiana. IWU has received recognition for its adult education programs, which include an online MBA.

IWU designed its accredited online program for adult learners who have personal, professional, or parenting responsibilities to attend to in the daytime. Even though the program is online, enrollment is capped to give all students access to the attention they need to get the most from the courses they’ve chosen. The program includes access to online library resources and experienced instructors who can help build on what students already know and move forward toward successful careers.

DME Company is Committed to Quality

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Detroit Mold Engineering

A professional with over 25 years of experience, Miro Medvedec has served as a project manager, engineer, and liaison for several companies in the United States and Canada. For five years, Miro Medvedec managed the customer base at DME Company in Madison Heights, Michigan.

DME stands for Detroit Mold Engineering, and was founded by I.T. Quarnstrom in 1942 to create mold bases in standard sizes. Since then, the company has committed to staying abreast of the most innovative technologies for mold design and providing the highest quality work for over 35,000 catalog items and ISO 9001 certification.

DME stays responsive to the changing needs of its customers in part by focusing on high quality manufacturing centers in various locations in the US and Canada. Establishing partnerships with leading mold technology providers around the world helps keep the work innovative and product costs down. In 2013, DME took second place on Quality’s Leadership 100 List, coming in just behind Ford.

Process Engineering

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Process Engineering

Educated in Mexico City and later relocating to the U.S. to pursue his MBA, Miro Medvedec most recently served as a manager at DME Company in Michigan. Prior to his position at DME Company, Miro Medvedec worked in the Latin America branch of Advanced Drainage Systems as a project and process engineer.

Process engineers in the manufacturing sector are skilled at working with a variety of business models, as they analyze systems and create strategies to increase profitability and efficiency. The following is a list of things that a process engineer is capable of doing as he purposes to increase profits and efficiency for a business.

1. Increase Product Output-The goal is to analyze the process and make it more efficient, so output can increase without adding extra cost.

2. Debottleneck Operations–When there is a glitch in a manufacturing process, the process engineer assesses and tries to remedy the bottleneck, making the process run smoothly.

3. Fix Defects-Sometimes it is not a bottleneck or an output problem that is cutting into profits, but rather defective product output. A process engineer can seek out the cause of the defect and resolve the problem.

4. Conserve Energy-Process engineers look for ways to conserve energy in order to increase the profit margin.

5. Facilitate Meeting Deadlines-If deadlines are not being met, the reputation of a company suffers. Process engineers help a company adhere to deadlines by improving shipping and receiving processes.

The MBA Program at Indiana Wesleyan University

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MBA Program at Indiana Wesleyan University

The master of business administration program at Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU) provides great opportunities for its graduates. Recent graduate Miro Medvedec, for example, has built a successful career as an engineering manager and sales professional with firms like the DME Company and Southcorp Packaging.

Among its numerous other degree programs, IWU offers a dynamic, faith-based MBA program. The program is designed to provide a comprehensive education for individuals already employed in the business sector. In addition to teaching management skills, the IWU MBA program teaches its students how to more effectively design business plans, work ethically, and think critically within the workplace. By offering both online courses and in-person courses across Ohio and Kentucky, IWU also prioritizes providing a convenient education to its students.

Requiring 42 credit hours to earn a degree, IWU’s MBA program includes 14 core classes ranging from levels 500 to 590. These courses encompass a wide range of topics such as applying ethics and law into a managerial position and handling changes in a business’ organization and leadership.

Tips for Creating Project Milestones

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Project Milestones

An engineering professional, Miro Medvedec possesses expertise in technical training and equipment sales. In his most recent role at DME Company, Miro Medvedec provided project management support that directly impacted sales goals.

Among the most important aspects of project management is establishing milestones. Milestones pinpoint goals that a team would like to achieve by designated deadlines and helps team members measure successes and failures throughout the lifecycle of a project.

These defining moments should take into consideration the following phases: initiation, planning, execution, and closure. Tasks should be grouped in the appropriate phases so they can be monitored during and after. This guarantees that any mishaps that could prolong project completion are corrected in a timely manner, thus reducing risk. Project information should be compiled on a master schedule that includes start dates and duration as well as succeeding and preceding activities. Use it as a baseline for managing the workload and keeping involved parties aware of and accountable for meeting set milestones.