About Miro Medvedec

An accomplished professional in project management and sales, Miro Medvedec began his career as an engineer at Husky Injection Molding Systems in Bolton, Ontario. Responsible for overseeing injection molding projects and handling customer communications, he proved instrumental in developing the company’s Latin American market share. Demonstrating an aptitude for leadership, Miro Medvedec then became engineering manager with Letica Corporation in Rochester Hills, Michigan, where he strengthened both his own team and outside relationships.

Since that time, Miro Medvedec has held engineering and equipment sales positions with companies across the American Midwest. In 2005, he accepted a project and process engineer position with Advanced Drainage Systems, in which role he turned his attention back to the Latin American market. Once again effectively coordinating capital projects across the region, he afterward returned to domestic efforts in a subsequent position with the DME Company in Michigan. For five years, he supported customer development and company revenue with an eye toward overall value. Backed by this significant experience as well as a master of business administration, Mr. Medvedec focuses his business efforts on creating strong professional relationships.


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