DME Company is Committed to Quality

Detroit Mold Engineering pic
Detroit Mold Engineering

A professional with over 25 years of experience, Miro Medvedec has served as a project manager, engineer, and liaison for several companies in the United States and Canada. For five years, Miro Medvedec managed the customer base at DME Company in Madison Heights, Michigan.

DME stands for Detroit Mold Engineering, and was founded by I.T. Quarnstrom in 1942 to create mold bases in standard sizes. Since then, the company has committed to staying abreast of the most innovative technologies for mold design and providing the highest quality work for over 35,000 catalog items and ISO 9001 certification.

DME stays responsive to the changing needs of its customers in part by focusing on high quality manufacturing centers in various locations in the US and Canada. Establishing partnerships with leading mold technology providers around the world helps keep the work innovative and product costs down. In 2013, DME took second place on Quality’s Leadership 100 List, coming in just behind Ford.


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