Process Engineering

Process Engineering pic
Process Engineering

Educated in Mexico City and later relocating to the U.S. to pursue his MBA, Miro Medvedec most recently served as a manager at DME Company in Michigan. Prior to his position at DME Company, Miro Medvedec worked in the Latin America branch of Advanced Drainage Systems as a project and process engineer.

Process engineers in the manufacturing sector are skilled at working with a variety of business models, as they analyze systems and create strategies to increase profitability and efficiency. The following is a list of things that a process engineer is capable of doing as he purposes to increase profits and efficiency for a business.

1. Increase Product Output-The goal is to analyze the process and make it more efficient, so output can increase without adding extra cost.

2. Debottleneck Operations–When there is a glitch in a manufacturing process, the process engineer assesses and tries to remedy the bottleneck, making the process run smoothly.

3. Fix Defects-Sometimes it is not a bottleneck or an output problem that is cutting into profits, but rather defective product output. A process engineer can seek out the cause of the defect and resolve the problem.

4. Conserve Energy-Process engineers look for ways to conserve energy in order to increase the profit margin.

5. Facilitate Meeting Deadlines-If deadlines are not being met, the reputation of a company suffers. Process engineers help a company adhere to deadlines by improving shipping and receiving processes.


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