FDA Compliance Recognizes Safety as Primary Goal

FDA pic
Image: fda.gov

Miro Medvedec is a management and engineering professional with extensive experience in international markets. As an engineering and maintenance manager for Huhtamaki’s food container plant in New Vienna, Ohio, from 2003 through 2005, Miro Medvedec oversaw and implemented training and safety programs as well as the plant’s U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliance.

Huhtamaki Inc., a Finland-based company widely known for its Chinet brand of disposable tableware, must create products that meet FDA standards for packing all types of food. In addition to regulating food and cosmetic safety, the FDA has compliance programs for major industries including biologics, bioresearch monitoring, devices/radiological health, drugs, and veterinary medicine.

The FDA conducts investigations in each of the categories in which it has oversight responsibilities, and many of these reports are available online. These reports provide an overview, the specifics of what was studied, and the results of the findings including any recommendations. These studies lead to changes in the industry to aim at providing safe products for consumers.


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